RPA For Managers and Leaders Virtual Instructor-led training

Learn RPA to stay relevant, indispensable and thrive in the changing world of work.

Course Type: Instructor-Led

RPA For Managers and Leaders Virtual Instructor-led training

RPA has revolutionized and improved ways in which businesses or organizations cater to remote infrastructure, IT support, administer business, workflow processes, and back-office work. RPA provides good accuracy, improved cycle time, and increased productivity in transaction processing.

After all, who would like to waste time, money and the resources for a job that a single robotics automated software can do in a fractions of seconds.

What ’s In It For You?

3PRO’s Robotic Process Automation for leaders and Managers is designed keeping in mind the industry-specific needs. This course will enable learners to strategize the Robotic Process Automation transformation in the Organisation.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be awarded participation Certification – “RPA-Management Consultant”

If Opportunity Doesn’t knock, build a door !

RPA is widely used in different domains and industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Analytics, Aviation, Oil and Gas and Legal. The growth in the field of RPA is sure shot and thus will provide higher technological potentials towards significantly increasing Career Scope.

Course Overview

This course will cover every aspect of RPA adoption within an organization. As well as valuable insights for managers and leaders on building their enterprise strategy on RPA and Cognitive Automation


Webinar session



Step 1

What is Robotic process Automation and where it is applicable.

Step 2

RPA Life cycle and how to get started with RPA adoption within organizations.

Step 3

Demonstrate good understanding on how to build RPA Center of Excellence, Robotic Operating Model, RPA Delivery Framework and Command Center Operations.

Step 4

Gain enough knowledge to kick-start the career as RPA Management Consultant