Get ready to take your online exams to the next level with our cutting-edge AI technology!



Brace yourself for a mind-blowing experience with our AI Proctor that guarantees an equitable and secure online testing environment. 

With its amazing features such as facial recognition, speech detection, identity verification, tab change detection, absence of examinee, unauthorized person detection, gaze direction analysis, and monitoring the use of earphones or smartphones, you can rest assured that your exam integrity will never be compromised. 

Key Benefits

Secure Browser

Protects exam content and restricts user access to specific functions and websites.

Open API

Seamlessly integrates with your current Learning Management System (LMS) or tailor-made testing platform.

Dispatching Interface

One proctor can supervise a maximum of 150 learners simultaneously without compromising on security standards.

AI-enhanced surveillance

Detects any anomalies such as face recognition, device detection, tab changes, and more.

Flexible integration

Integrates seamlessly with various LMS, including Moodle and Open edX, through dedicated plugins.

Human voice detection

Detects human speech to prevent unfair advantages.

How to use Constructor Proctor

  • Integrate the proctoring system & set up initial parameters
  • Choose the client options that best fit you: Web client, SDK, Secure Browser 
  • Verify candidates’ identity
  • Verify the environment 
  • Monitor candidates online
  • Review the results

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