Human Resources


Modernize your HR processes with our advanced system!  Say goodbye to manual recruitment, payroll, work, leave, talent performance and training activities.

Our centralized employee database will streamline all your HR needs and boost your productivity to new heights

Payroll Key Benefits

Instant Payroll Process

Just click to run the payroll each month and get the general ledger in real-time before payroll is completed. You can take action on what you see and resolve problems before they happen.

Pay Structure

Configure the salary components in the organization only once, set up the pay structure for employees, and revise it based on changes (such as increments, bonuses, ad-hoc allowances, etc.).

Real-Time Visibility

Get a monthly summary view, highly flexible anytime audits, dynamic reports that reflect data changes, and no need to create XL sheets and send them via email to management staff. This feature is secured, and entitled users can access different views.

Statutory Calculations

Keeping up with regulatory changes is no small feat. That’s why our dedicated team of experts monitor regulatory changes. Calculations are automated based on regulations and monitored by our expert team.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

ESS empowers employees to submit their IT declarations online (such as home loans, rent payments, investments, etc.), and view pay structures and payslips. They can also manage personal data, including dependent details for benefits.

On Cloud

Hosted on the cloud, you can simply sign up to start onboarding your employees. Employees have the flexibility to log in from any location and utilize the features.

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