Unleash the potential of Unified Support and Agile Solutions, and witness the transformation of your infrastructure into a catalyst for your success.

The IT infrastructure of a company is crucial in creating a scalable and flexible business and operational environment.

In today’s digital age, data is growing exponentially, and every organization aims to have a reliable IT infrastructure service management system in place to ensure that the right information is accessible anytime, anywhere. Servers, workstations, and crucial applications act as the engines delivering vital information to users across the network, seamlessly integrated to create a robust infrastructure.

For smooth operations, organizations need a dependable IT infrastructure management service from an experienced system integrator. At 3Pro Solutions, we specialize in delivering cost-effective IT infrastructure solutions for businesses including Large, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Government, Public-sector, and Private-sector enterprises. We provide comprehensive support for IT products like servers, storage, software, networking, and various peripherals. Additionally, we offer user-friendly IT helpdesk support to ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Data Centers

The heartbeat of your organizational goals relies on an efficient IT infrastructure. In a landscape saturated with voice, data, and video usage across devices and network-centric applications, the complexity of IT data centers is evident. At 3Pro Solutions, we craft simplified data center solutions to elevate your business. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large enterprise, we specialize in building cloud-based data center solutions. Additionally, we assist new clients in seamless data center migration, ensuring a smooth transition to an optimized IT environment.

Server & Storage Solutions

In the current era of highly efficient data centers, companies recognize the value of achieving more with less. At 3Pro Solutions, we offer the latest in storage technologies to empower customers, optimize computing performance, and reduce costs. Our storage infrastructure prioritizes data reliability, protection, and recovery. 

On the flip side, our cloud-based server storage opens doors to significant benefits, such as savings on hardware and software costs, along with unparalleled flexibility in utilizing IT resources. Our adept team at 3Pro Solutions demonstrates the transformative potential of cloud services for client companies. Whether contemplating a shift from a local server to a VMware or Microsoft-enabled cloud (private, public, or integrated hybrid), our experts guide you through the best approach for planning, designing, implementing, and post-migration support. Additionally, we provide budget-friendly small business servers to cater to diverse needs.


From wired to wireless, we deploy cutting-edge technologies to establish Local Area Networks (LAN) within your office premises. Our expertise extends to Wide Area Networks (WAN) for connecting company branches and remote offices, complete with VPN connectivity. Ensuring the security of your systems and data is paramount to us. At 3Pro Solutions, we offer comprehensive security solutions, including firewalls, VPNs, and VLANs, shielding your networks from external and internal threats.

Wireless Solutions

Embark on a seamless digital experience with our comprehensive wireless solutions, offering high-speed Internet, WiFi networks, and cutting-edge video and application services. We specialize in delivering these services directly to multi-dwelling unit buildings, leveraging the latest technologies.

In the contemporary landscape, where virtually all devices support wireless technology, corporate systems, applications, and software are no exception. Navigating the complexities of ensuring efficient handling of voice, data, and video communications through wireless networks is our forte. At 3Pro Solutions, we simplify this complexity by guiding you through a comprehensive process. It starts with a thorough site survey, strategic placement of access points, and precise wireless configuration. Our expertise extends to data networking and intercom telephone systems, ensuring the optimal utilization of your IT infrastructure within a wireless environment. Let us pave the way for your organization to thrive in the wireless era.

Cabling Infrastructure

Elevate your connectivity with our expert ideas and seamless installation of structured cable, encompassing meticulous laying and testing procedures guided by our best practices. Our commitment is to support clients in the most professional manner, ensuring a robust cabling infrastructure that includes fibre optic, Cat5, Cat6, cabinets, and patch panels. Trust us to deliver a connectivity solution tailored to your needs.

Annual Maintenance & Support Services

Experience uninterrupted performance with our annual maintenance services covering all hardware and networking components, accessories, and peripherals. Our expertise extends to servers, switches, routers, laptops, desktops, terminals, UPS, and data centers. Choose from flexible monthly and yearly contracts for comprehensive IT support and maintenance. At the core of our business success is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize investment in our client’s success and satisfaction by providing efficient and effective IT solutions.

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