Cloud-based Mobile App Security Testing Platform

Welcome to Mobiheals, your trusted cloud-based solution for static and dynamic application security testing for mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. With Mobiheals, you can identify potential security risks, vulnerabilities, malware, and misconfigurations, ensuring that your mobile applications are robustly secured against threats.

About Mobiheals

Mobiheals is a comprehensive Mobile App Security Testing Platform designed to provide advanced security analysis for mobile applications. Our platform offers:

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST): Identify vulnerabilities in the source code and binaries of your mobile apps to prevent security breaches and data leaks.
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): Simulate real-world attack scenarios to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in runtime environments, ensuring robust security posture.
  • OWASP Mobile Top 10 Detection: Detect and mitigate OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities, including insecure data storage, insecure communication, and insufficient cryptography.
  • Malware Detection: Identify and eliminate malicious code and behaviors within mobile applications, safeguarding user data and privacy.
  • Misconfiguration Detection: Detect and rectify misconfigurations that can lead to security gaps and breaches in mobile apps.
  • Hard-coded Secret Detection: Identify hard-coded secrets such as API keys, passwords, and tokens, ensuring sensitive information remains protected.

Key Benefits

Why Choose Mobiheals?

With Mobiheals, you can proactively address security risks, ensure compliance with regulations, and safeguard your mobile applications against evolving cyber threats. Embrace a culture of security excellence and protect your sensitive data with confidence.

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